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About Beach City Law

The Law Offices of Jeffrey T. Osborn, Trusted Legal Advisors

We Help Small and Mid-Sized Businesses Owners, Employees and their Families!

Established in 1995, The Law Offices of Jeffrey T. Osborn have been practicing law for businesses and individuals located or doing business throughout California. Our firm emphasizes service of start-up companies, continuing businesses and their owners so they can prosper and know their interests are being protected. We provide legal advice and representation to Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Corporations, LLC’s, LLP’s, Trusts and Ventures in both Transactional and Litigation services.

However, we are more than a business-law* firm!

Through the years, one truth became self evident when applied to small and mid-sized business—they are owned and operated by people. Owners, Employees and their families have special needs which vary from business to business. To this end, our firm has created a team of individuals to handle specific legal issues. Family Law*, Bankruptcy*, Estate Planning*(Probate, Wills and Trusts), Employment Law and Professional License Protection*, are just a few of these disciplines. If your specific need is not listed, we encourage you to call anyway; we have access and can refer you to many experienced attorneys who will have the integrity and expertise you need.

Finally, we are a firm of Lawyers and staff committed to personal faith --each maintaining strong views about the importance of religion, family, ethics and morality in the practice of law. We encourage you to ask us about our beliefs. Our thought is this; if it is important for you to know who is handling your affairs, and if our faith is a large part of who we are, it should be something you can freely speak to us about.

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